Acoustic Prayer.

Guitar in hand— music surrounds me

trumpets shout hallelujah;
trombones bellow testimonials;
bass drums dance in spirits;
while violas string deliverance;

all in perfect harmony

until the piano keys call for silence.

the saxophones rest;
the flutes un-draw their blinds;
the tambourines bow their heads;

then all woodwind hearts & harmonic minds are cleared.

I sigh in spiritual release from
a strived-for melodic peace.

guitar in hand— silence surrounding me

my head can finally bow,
my watery eyes can now close.

I feel so moved.

for I’ve journeyed to study the life art of reading,
composing, & conducting the instruments

that perform and create distinctive sounds
I’ve had to learn to spiritually identify—

without sheets of reference for even the
most foreign echoes of noise.

and my— has my conductibility grown.

I’ve grown to the clout of piano keys and can silence wrong

oboes in tunes of tribulation;
cellos on false judgment strings;
even choirs of remorse whispering
shame in 3-dimensional harmonization;

with just the wave of my hands.

to achieve the most
indescribable & implausible
silence known to man-

a surround silence that awaits
the commencement of my benediction
alone in unison

with my guitar in hand— to perform the
acoustic prayer.


Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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