Dissection of Clichés

pride & confidence will
destroy me for revealing this

without consulting saddened clouds,
broken eyes, & teary hearts...

practice does not make perfect.
clichés were

for counting love too
when saying this

without including emotions,
& timing as ex-factors
that too determine

what we are,
& what we can be…
If anything, what we are,
will have no certainty;
as a possible love
it’s better
know this now.
Former loves & ex-s will
cringe for me revealing this
without stepping across
emotional streams, fabricated hopes,
& false premises...

I’ve never been in love.
words & sentences were

for saying I was
without dissecting my
wearied heart, broken eyes,
and clouded distorts,
that too, determined

what we were,
& what we could be…
If anything, what we were
formed in uncertainty;
as a possible lover
it’s best
know I once loved this way;
& still may

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2011

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