Cyber Hickey.

confiding in you / replies of same,
so into you / don't even know your name;

/ running, rushing back  /

to confess to you / open my convictions
     hidden identity / freed inhibitions;

giving in to you / no measurable pace,
     logging off your kiss / cyber hickey trace;

/ longing, craving for /

your words / descriptions on bare,
     messages instant / society unaware;

lonely seconds between / desires in secrecy,
     point of preparation / to breath into reality;

/ hoping, wishing where /

lurks the fear / for an identity untrue,
     no verification / image mirrors off you;

gasping sensations / of each thought read,
     caught in emotion / imagination's thread;

/ falling, stumbling back /

on words expressed / replies of same,
laughing out loud / don't even know your name.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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