Funny That Way.

eventually poverty becomes the mediocrity
and scarcity's no random unfamiliarity;
and gang-bangers and thugs
become as common as door rugs;

and on the streets prostitution
is a known institution;
while discriminations thrive like additions;

and new mouths to feed
roll out in numbers, like packs of weed---
marijuana smoke blurring signs of hope;

with the cost more than
the rate of return per day;
unfortunately, life is funny that way.

and the cries of the wife
become the commodities of sacrifice;
and single parent homes
become as common as the cell phones---
the latest trend paying no dividends;

with the overall effects spaced out
like the feigns' thoughts during the day;
unfortunately, life is funny that way.

with cardboard signs of needy
as common as wall graffiti;
though rims and bass boom
like shame off a mother's face;

when her estranged son's sightings
are a frequent as mosquitoes after West Nile bitings;
and broken bottles of rum
provide fuel to boast about our slum;
and tears fall barely more
than police dogs knocking down the door---
of a drug bust, of a cultural rust;

with the results un-measurable
and translated through words even intellects can't say
unfortunately, life is funny that way.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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