Healing Hands.

Late dawns
& early anxieties
aren’t what make it

while many sleep,
& subways tug 

morning lights
over rivers that

shadow what night still

you’ve already
signed in
for heaven’s rejoice.

The least Earth
asks of us
is to send you 

morning seeds
to flourish a later

& firework the

that in themselves─
almost, almost
can appear 


We ask of heaven
to know your 

heart & nothing less.

We ask of science
to know earth’s deserts

& enable you to create
new gardens
that, in their creations
are almost

I’ve discovered today─

that your heart
& mind in sync  

thin dark clouds,
rewrite eulogies

& birth prayers
of thanks.

Families bowed
heads today─

Kisses were
shared instead
of reflected upon ─

Hugs. Laughter. 
Joy. Joy. Joy. 

My God, 
Thank God for you.

What makes

is how God
enables us to

use a portion
of his glory
to deliver the miracles

& heal hearts
in ways that he can not

reveal himself,
yet still does.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2011

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