Heaven's Glory.

No glory found in tragedy,
    With eyes denying pain-filled tears;
As waterfalls halt over masses of hurt―
    Where a loved life fuses with our fears;.

We must not question God's purpose,
    Though comfort won’t comfort the empty space;
And during this period of bewilderment―
    Remember― they're in a better place.

For God is too wise and too trustworthy,
    To give leverage for any one mistake;
The King of Kings would never consent―
    A burden our families could not take.

So feel the angel wings of consolation,
    Wipe away any outpour of tears of sorrow;
And feel the radiation of a lost smile―
    That we'll hold in the distant tomorrow.

Even with the void that fills our hearts,
    Unable to wholly vanish or erase;
They now wear God's crown of paradise―
    Forever resting in a better place.

Heaven is rejoicing that our angel
    Is now without hurt and melancholy;
For they have been deemed eternal life―
    And our tragedy, is heaven's glory.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004