I Heart in the City.

I took this camera
to capture
you in the city;

these towers would
fall down
for your beauty

this I had
to preserve.

here, we’re
in Bryant Park’s

in this photo, we’re
along the
South Street Seaport.

here, at the
center of
Times Square

as if the world
was watching us,

& we truly
believed they were.
As the sun set
over the Hudson
River valley,
I stood you right here,

for this photo in
Union Square;
to capture the
Empire State building
in the distance.

the tower’s
floodlights were
lit green;

the same green
of the traffic lights
leading Uptown
as you reached
for my hands,
& my camera
so you could shoot
this video footage
& here,
of me
up Broadway,
towards you,

17th, 18th,
& 19th Streets …

I knew then,
I’d be willing to go
pass the squares,

the park,
through the
Viaduct Valley

up to the Heights,
to chase you
with my love,
in a playful
newfound joy
and capturing
picture after picture
of each step.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2011

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