Introduction to Music.

Your conceivers
exist no more— but

their memories awake
to superior ranks—

through the range
of soundscapes— of

which you appear. In
front of you— i sit

folded legs— eyes closed,
arms down, hands up

towards the heavens— who
accept my praise for

receiving your offering.
You are music— introduced in the

most common & extraordinary
remastering— bringing

peace, connection, &
Love (for you are my

first). You choose not
to believe— but remind

me— i’m no stranger to
hurt— no alien to forgettable

worlds— no unforeseen
diagnosis. Meditating—i inhale

knowing you’ve shared
secrets— i haven’t kept—

unraveled lyrics my bass
focused mind wouldn’t

hear— signaled my dawn
awake— which i’d receive— &

fall back asleep.  ‘Til this
antenna & static free mind

could exhale for your reflection
to rise to superior ranks—

through the range of
soundscapes of

which you appear— not
just in forms of jazz, gospel,

r & b, or hip hop—  but in
humanistic rhythms &

poetic tempos from
the music of existence. For

you become human— in full
flesh & soul— here to

show me the way. In front
of you, i stand on

strengthened legs, arms
lifted high— hands expressing

joy to the heavens—
who accept my gratitude

for the common & extraordinary
peace, connection, & Love

you bring. You are music—
introduced & received

in ways that unshackle my
dances—  move my spirit—

mediate my soul &
arrange the soundscapes

for me to sing you
your praise.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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