Kiss for a River.

Knives that rest on shivering wrists, in fears,
Mirror image shaken by sorrowful eyes, in tears,
Cold bullets dance with hot temples, near ears,
…waiting on someone to rescue and reclaim.

Prozac and alcohol craving to intertwine,
Forward actions give no sudden time to rewind,
Building edges hold on when hope lets go to find,
…someone waiting to catch and redeem.

Guns lock between jaws to send salvation flying,
Misery become source for death's advocates lying,
Raptures sing notes near graves without crying,
…waiting on someone to care & esteem.

When caskets seduce comfort like hospices do,
And families and friends won't see through,
A damaged soul with a pregnancy test turned blue,
…waiting on someone to come deliver me…

From the incompleteness that my life feels,
The spiritual separation my faith reveals,
The capacity that can't afford depression's bills,
…waiting on someone

    to stop me from kissing this river of pills.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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