Mic Check.

born, bathed, & bruised in grains of Gaia---
      it's hard to find someone to admire,
      let alone--- grow to be wholly admirable;
in a world where humans are

fundamentally hypocritical
      but still find the audacity
      to make things they say
      sound as honest as tainted
      things they’ve said before.
I shake my head--- knowing I was

shaped, sculpted, & subjected to teachings of Terra---
      to find someone to respect,
      & grow to be someone respectable
      (for others to vilify)
in a world where humans are not only
fundamentally judgmental
      but are crafted in apprehension,
      nurtured on condemnation then misconstrued
before they’re even invited to speak;
yet--- these are our kind of people
      people, we revere
      people, we follow
      people, we adore
      people, we groom
in the mirror--- before we step
to the microphone

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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