Natural Beauty.

You’re a modern day renaissance
Overflowing with the creative juices
That bring deliverance to my spirit―
   Like a spiritual blessing

For only God could have created you

The Kings of Egypt,
The Roman Emperors,
The German Tyrants,

   Would all fall to your feet
   For your beauty transcends
   Years, decades, millenniums

For you have an ethereal appeal of endless allure

To love & worship you would become
Caesar's civic duty

For even Nostradamus couldn't
Foresee your modern & natural beauty

   No Marilyn,
   No Dorothy,
   No Madonna

But beauty, natural & pure,
Even the Modernist couldn't
Necessitate more

For inner beauty exists like
Grand Canyon-type amaze―
   Nothing unusual, just nature

Within its musical un-contrived ring―
   & everything else
   ranked as the next best thing.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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