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Let Mark Anthony Thomas tell it—- he’ll be his generation’s Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, or Nikki Giovanni. Nevertheless, if you read The Poetic Repercussion: A Poetic & Musical Narrative, you might agree.
— Booking Matters. 2006
“(The Poetic Repercussion) is “music for your eyes” from an outstanding young talent. Thomas describes this book (his second) as a “poetic and musical narrative.” He’s right: It has the funk of the blues, the sweetness of R&B, the spirit of jazz and the infectious energy of hip-hop, along with some serious literary swerve.”
— Courier-Post. 2006
“In The tradition of noted Harlem Renaissance poets like Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and Jean Toomer, 25-year old Mark Anthony Thomas is quickly distinguishing himself as a culturally diverse poetic griot.”
— Crossroads (Atlanta). 2006.
“In a world of lyrical expression Mark Anthony Thomas dwells unrestrained, one of the only places he says he truly feels free as a Black male in America.”
— Atlanta Daily World. 2000
“When I attempt to describe this work, terms like lyrical, rhythmic, controversial and triumphant come to mind...Mark uses his poetic voice to narrate through the gamut of social issues which envelops life like an enemy’s flank. He leaves no issue unturned as he artfully blends traditional and cross-cultural literary styles...Were I to choose just one poem from this melting pot of thought provoking poetry that captures the essence of where life takes us, it would be the opening title `Psychiatrist’s Chair’. With this poem, he eloquently guides readers through a narrow path of pitfalls that could very well lead to insanity. Repercussion will take you there, it resonates between the pages and the beat is hynoptic.”
— RAW Sistaz Book Club. 2005.
“This collection tells stories that are alive with music. A blend of Poetry, Prose and Spoken Word fused with a Jazz tune, a Blues note or a Hip Hop beat. These confessions from a psychiatrist chair left me wanting more. Left me longing for the live performance I could feel through the pages. Thomas packs a big punch with this collection. 101 poems that take you on a journey and cover a lot of ground.
— Mahogany Book Club. 2005.
Poetry is so strangely personal; however, once in a while a poet manages to reach the world with words everyone can relate to. Mark Anthony Thomas manages to do this is in his book of poetry The Poetic Repercussion. As I read this book different poems waved to me with something to say. “The Rib Around My Neck” is a man’s plea/prayer for a good woman. “Funny that Way” shows societal ironies and “I TOO (AFRAID I AM)” is reminiscent of Langston Hughes’ “Mother to Son.” His poetry covers the gamut from culture to politics, spirituality (the poems have a scripture reference), education, racism and war, etc. Brotha man has 101 poems deep! I must say that this poetry is not for beginners. Some are meant to be read aloud and would work better in a performance venue while others are extremely introspective which alludes to my opening remarks. If you have the heart of a poet or wish you did, pick this up.
— APOOO Book Club. 2005
It’s hard trying to write a review for a book of poetry. How do you even read a book of poetry? Do you read it like a novel or do you just open the table of contents and read a poem that catches your fancy. I did the latter finding The Poetic Repercussion wonderful. Repercussion is one of those books you can do that with. Thomas uses free verse and rhythm to create a book that is both thought provoking, humorous and insightful. Some of my favorites are “God Trendy” about the how pop culture has reduced God to a novelty and “Child Support Checkmarks.” This is a poet you need to keep your eye on. Bottom Line: A book to awaken and soothe your soul.
— Crush Magazine. 2005.
“Thomas has included a variety of writing styles and topics that are sure to peak the interest of almost every reader. (Poetry) has sheltered great poets such as Shakespeare, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou and Hemmingway, and today it has branched its wavering arms of talent onto Thomas, who shows he has the right stuff to be added to this list of greats
— East Sider (Fort Lauderdale). 2000.