On A Defeat.

so we meet again― 
     lost without failure
disappointment but not defeat
     although second place comes home empty handed

I'm full of enough pride,
     enough competitive glory;
to let any lost, any defeat,
     put a damper on my story.

yet, it's nothing like not hearing your name called,
          and watching your victory
               carried away
                    by someone else―
                    only to be
          with the supporters' 
          sympathy and
       a question of
   within one's self.

so we meet again― to reflect
       on a lost, without the rules of a test;
on a defeat, within a race of winners
       although my forecast superior to the rest;

handed my share of bewildered looks,
     my sighs breath thoughts, "I gave my best,"
apologetic howls refrain,
     their poise far too proud to unrest.

yet, it's nothing like giving my all,
          and watching the final score come too
              short to give way―
                    only to be
with an outer silence, and
           absence of
                  I can't

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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