Product of Divorce.

  like every Earth-born man,
just wanting a father to lead your childhood home;
   but—like any product of divorce,
father figurate confined to a telephone.

  like any man under God,
just wanting a father to lead you in prayer;
  but—like any product of divorce,
bowed for grace with the image of Adam not there.


/ learning to tie
your own tie,
the man of the house
adult years shy.

growing up redirected through divorce;
   compensated by garnished wages from the court;
lessons on manhood are where you came up short;
   & lacked the full circle of un-levied child support.

no memory of an in-house father loving his wife;
   & distant hands molding an incomplete life;
no in-house father reflecting a spiritual light,
   as the product of divorce left to fill void’s price.


/ struggling to tie your tie,
man of the house
adult years shy

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004