Separate Beds.

We’re a multiplicity
trying to get our collection of selves
on one accord.

Once a believer in living forever;
once wanting to know everything...

but if our way goes our way― 

tonight we’ll awake to blood on our hands
knife wounds at our past,

gunshots towards the futures i’ve once
wanted to slay and never let them see.

Back when I believed I’d live forever
& thought I could learn everything.
‘til separate beds split the mold―

& one of us started Storming the Heavens
and mystified the others.

Once a believer in utopianism,
once wanted to love everyone,
but if our choice is our choice, 

tonight we’ll awake to
nature-run wild across turbulent skies― 
that never looked so blue (even in darkness).

Back when I wanted to be something for everyone
& thought all people could love me...

‘til we knelt to separate beds―

allowing one of us study the
Encyclopedia of Un-Belief
and confused the others.

Now, trying to get our selves collected
on one accord―

the multiplicity that is.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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