Looking Toward Footprints.

Faster than vehicles on cruise control,
Carrying time at the speed of a passenger's hold;
To a wheel of life he has no control,
Looking at how
quickly his story is told.

Questions of "how fast" sink into reflections’ beat,
As phases zoom with no hold to repeat;
In a life slowly dying at every heart's beat,
Looking towards footprints
    before he moves his feet.

When sets of footprints no longer fit his size,
And time ticks, as seasons recur so wise;
Then years contract into understanding ’s size,
Looking at how life
    slips by before his eyes.

Knowing life's crossroads will light after he'll pass,
From the glow of sand in God’s hourglass;
Measuring salvation in good works that amass,
Looking to them for entry in
    the eternal upper-class.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004