The Declaration.

under influence of influences,
persuaded by pressure of peer pressures,
living life the fullest, their way,
and taking to heart what the proverbs say,

quiet, I need your undivided attention,
clear some space for my declaration.

viewing hindsight without 3-dimensional powers,
handling fate until Fate claims my final hours,
learning how to do things, my way,
combating contradictions in what horoscopes say,

can't be grown, thinking like childhood fools,
while outlining my future under self-imposed rules.

gauging mercury heat under a self thermostat,
diffusing dark clouds holding sunbeams back,
letting the breezes of wind blow relief my way,
and closing portals to what the witchdoctors say,

the stage is ready, time for my feature presentation,
while performing scripts of my proclamation.

shattering glass ceilings on my limits,
playing solitaire with tarot cards of psychics,
interpreting destinies my own way,
and shielding ears to what the wise men say,

once humbling myself under others' leadership,
repurchasing all stocks under my ownership.

shooting for dreams with my ammunition,
compassing forest with my intuition,
listening to echoes of harmony, my way,
before writing off reviews of what critics say,

learning to maneuver gears for me to drive,
and consciously follow my feelings inside.

‘cause I’m a man now.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004