(poems from my youth)

The Reason.


"I only knew her as Christine."


"We made passionate love,
If you know what I mean."


"It was me and my girl's
three month anniversary."


"At Motel 6, Room 166,
I rented a room for one night,
After me and my girl had this stupid fight."
When I asked my girl to make love she said,
"Sweetheart it's too soon."
I angrily replied,
"I've waited 3 months,
It's our anniversary,
We can make love right now
Upstairs in your room."
She said,
"But, I'm a virgin,
And you know I'm not ready
To go all the way."
I said,
"Don't tell me that shit!
I have needs and
I can't wait another day."
She started to cry and said,
"Baby, I thought you understood,"
I said,
"I do!
I grabbed my stuff,
Jumped in my ride,
And I cruised through the neighborhood."
Then, there was
Christine, one of the easy local girls,
And she crept over to my ride,
She said, "Looking good tonight!"
and she opened the door
And eased inside."

"She started smiling at
Me and I knew what
Was on her mind.

I didn't care who it was,
Because tonight,
I was getting mine.
We approached the hotel,
And I quickly checked in.
Once we got into the
Our night of lust would soon begin,

There was,
Kissin', Back scratchin',
Huggin', Hair pullin',
And all that good stuff.

And then,
Without a shield,
I began to penetrate,
And her body started
To marinate and,
As hours passed,
It was over."

Years later,
This is the story I told my doctor.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyrighted in 2000

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