To Evolution.

though your every move is important—
forward thinking is the
pinnacle attribute;

you move forward, analyze,
find comfort, & transcend
so amazingly, so deviously;

fooling & confusing your own
expanded viewpoints to think you were
once narrower in your yesteryears.

we chuckle at your theorists;
we find hilarity in
your followers’ convictions—

who welcome you; interpret you;
         as their predictions       resort to
sand grains to craft your next steps—

gauging from your yesterways.
& while others laugh at you——
while you gather & pack all of

your things— we become children
reaching to be held in your arms
“carry me with you”

for change is the stranger
of mankind   & you are clearly
our most beautiful stranger

enticing us to dance even closer & taste of
your knowledge so we can also leave our
yesterhaviors behind.

smiling— with your sly, clever grin—
saving your mysterious plans within
for no duration can define you;

only God’s word undermines you

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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