We Carry Cains Too.

a weight of guilt and a hunchback to carry it on,
days of triumphs and nights of headaches latched on;
like six rainy mornings to my sunlit Saturday run;
when I’ve aimed to be something for everyone…

     (but, I’ve collapsed on stage)
forced to reassess people―
    without looking for smiles to see through,
‘cause i've been told― We Carry Cains Too

a point of blame with a shadow-free doubt,
a destination unclaimed and this constant need for clout;
overextended workdays to reach ascendancy,
when I’ve suffer to give way for other’s necessity;

      (but, I’ve disengaged)

forced to reassess purposes―
      without looking at souls to see through,
‘cause I've been shown― We Carry Cains Too

inner circle of chairs but the stone wall where I post,
a salty great lake and a rocky mountain coast;
multiple mind marathons per each distress,
when I swarm in lost crowds and solitude less;

      (but- I’ve changed my mind)

forced to reassess places
    without looking at maps to see through,
cause i've come to know― We Carry Cains Too

      (my blood cries from the ground)

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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