Women, Be Ye.


Be ye feminine;
Be ye fruitful;
Be ye flirtatious;
Be ye fettered;

Be not fanatic;
Be not forceful;
Be not free;

But Women

Be ye heartfelt;
Be ye humanitarian;
Be ye hesitant;
Be ye helpful;

Be not honcho;
Be not hedonistic;
Be not historical;

But Women

Be ye musical;
Be ye magical;
Be ye minute;
Be ye moveable;

Be not masculine;
Be not maneuvering;
Be not militant;

Go ahead―

Sing ye hymns
until Aurora comes,

No home for your throne
in Man's kingdoms

for your militarism;
for your activism;
for your radicalism;

But Women,

Be ye obedient;
Be ye oppressed;
Be ye obscure;

Be not overbearing;
Be not opposing;
Be not orderly;

Sing ye hymns
until Aurora arrives―

Cause no space
for your place

Through Man's
narrow eyes.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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