Packing 4 College.

leave that barrel of baggage in the basement,
         leave that dais of diffidence in your room;
leave that pack of purity under the bed—
         don't come home anytime too soon.

leave parental sanction in the disposal,
         leave that unorganized faith & trust unsaid;
leave that voided reality check unpaid—
         don't come home secularly fed.

keep that significant other at distance,
         keep self-skeletons taped on your closet door;
keep the strobe light aglow at deficiencies—
         let the lava lamp spring up more.

take a little cockiness 4 the dorm room,
         take along the stretcher 4 the tendencies;
take the piggy bank to stash all the changes—
         don't come home 'til you're at your knees.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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