Exactly Why.

You and i
are a balancing

as if we juggle the weight of our
work days with the relaxation
in our after-hours;

you toss me your mixed bags
of day long stresses; i hand
you my thorn filled flowers

the equilibrium conceives

but after the decks of cards fall
and our five speeds stall

it all leads to a good night kiss
exhaling after our
culminations hiss

you collapse in my arms and I realize why,
exactly why…

Me and you
are a complimentary

as if our characters wrestle our traits
with the complexities and
depth of our conversations

i toss you feedback on
what’s on your mind / you hand me
critiques of my elaborations

then symmetry breeds

but after the bass drums prance
and our passions dance

it all leads to fireworks inside
removing the silhouettes
of our pride

i collapse in your arms and I realize why,
exactly why

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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