(For September 11th)

Trust Fall.

people jump from twin towers without gear;
   as smoke grows with no hope to disappear;
firsthand account of the commence of our fear;
   from terrorists who die with no sympathy near―

shock spreads like cement falling down;
   smoke creates faces of evil who frown;
satin's triumph arisen from underground;
   as America's security comes tumbling down―

and begins

       "No," a nation says.

then Trust falls…
as our citizens die instantly in gloom;
   images of shock flood our living rooms;
with no idea of next intention for doom;
   retaliations of hate, our thoughts presume―

economy loses basis at the skip of time;
   eyes lock at footage to vanguard our mind;
skyscrapers shaking workers home― only remind;
   that America's actions have amassed the fine―

leaving fear of unthinkable to hover in midst;
   affluent stirred to loosen philanthropy's fist;
world hears repercussions of a terrorist's hiss, 
   wondering how we let things come to this?

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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