Single Mama Ballad.

house title becomes prison
bond for teenage son seeking

magic wand.  curfews are restricted
to few-s and former rules serve

as point of views.  Then doctors
diagnose that single mama’s mind will

give up—but for teenage son— prison
arms open up.

peer pressured rebellions
suit his natural actions. dragging

mama's emotions down dirt road ‘til
stress pays its physical tolls—

Then pastors preach that single
mama will soon backslide—but for teenage

son— devil's arms open wide.

weeknights carry weekend trends &
drugs secure role as dividends

tombs stone out thoughts of
shame.  black face veils hide tears

of blame. Then psychics forecast
that single mama’s soul is too weak—

after teenage son’s grave
covered in dusk last week.  

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004