(poems from my youth)


I was only a child in the womb and
never saw the break of day.
But it never entered my thoughts
That ‘you’ would take my life away.

From the moment I came to be,
I always had faith in ‘you.’
Hoping to see your beautiful face,
But now, my existence is through.

The tears ‘you’ cried, I heard,
I felt all the suffering ‘you’ had.
I didn’t think that me being here,
Was only making ‘you’ mad.

Well, I am sorry for being formed,
There is nothing else I can even say.
Still, why did ‘you’ have to do it?
‘You’ threw my whole life away.

‘You’ never gave me a chance,
So ‘you’ did what ‘you’ thought was right.
‘You’ say that ‘you’ had not one regret,
But why couldn’t ‘you’ sleep that night?

I lived such a trivial life,
For, I was aborted on this biased day.
Just tell me what inspired ‘you,’
To take my precious life away,

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyrighted in 2000.

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