(poems from my youth)

The Night That Jesus Came.

The night that my Jesus came, 
I heard a blaring sound;
For I awoke and started yelling,
From fear, as I fell to the ground.

Then I saw, The Luminous Glare,
So bright that I closed my eyes.
As the endangered Earth trembled,
My body slowly began to rise.

But then, I reopened my eyes,
As I saw His breathtaking face.
This crystal clear vision was,
Just too hard to erase.

I fell back on the ground, and said, 
"Oh Lord, please forgive."
He said, "My child you've done well, 
Eternal life you shall live."

I started to praise our Lord, 
As I looked at the scars He bared.
From when He died on Calvary,
To show me how much He cared.

He said, "Child say not a word, 
While I will guide you and protect."
And being the person that I am, 
I just could not disrespect.

He said, "Come with me my child, 
It's time for us to go;
The place where you'll spend eternity,
I'm sure that you should know."
We traveled above the earth,

And were parallel to all His stars,
He turned and smiled at me, and said, 
"Heaven - here we are."

The streets were all paved with gold,
And all my troubles were gone away.
I saw my loved ones that had passed, 
For this was my remarkable day.
For in obeying His holy word, 
He said I'd get my reward.
He looked at me, and grinned and said, 
"Heaven is completely yours."

I started jumping and shouting,
Because my life wouldn't be the same.
The night I would eternally remember, 
The night that my Jesus came.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyrighted in 2000

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