(poems from my youth)

Who Am I.

i know half of me
why couldn't I just be,

the person I wanted to be.
the one I thought I should be.
for that's who I knew as me,
and not be, who I am?

seven ticks past the ides of March,
of eight after nine,
the definition of myself,
i could no longer define.

pain attacking on many levels,
mentally, physically, & spiritually, 
but i have to stay strong because you see,
no one knows me,

do you really know me?
do i know me?
i don't know!

but i won't let
that stop me from going on.

still, i can't help but wonder
who i am?

let me think! i know half of me,
but why couldn't i just be,
the person i wanted to be,
the one i thought i should be
for that's who i knew as me,

and not be, who i am?

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyrighted in 2000.

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