(poems from my youth)

When One Equals Two.

Mommy loves Daddy,
And Daddy loves Mommy.

But, last night, I awoke at
2:06 on that Tuesday morning,

And I heard Mommy and Daddy fighting.
Immediately scared, I ran into
Mommy and Daddy’s room.
I saw Daddy hit Mommy with his fist.
Mommy’s face started bleeding,
And I started crying as I saw the
Blood run down Mommy’s face.
Mommy started crying and using bad words.
She told Daddy to get out and
she slapped Daddy and ran into
the kitchen.
I followed them and asked Daddy not
to hurt Mommy, as I cried.
Mommy said a bad word to me
and I knew that she was mad.
Mommy picked up the phone and called
the police, But Daddy knocked the
phone out of her hand.
Mommy reached in the drawer and pulled
out a knife and aimed it at Daddy.
“Don’t Mommy, Don’t hurt Daddy,” I said.
She didn’t listen.
Mommy told me to go to bed and I
saw Daddy grabbing for Mommy.
But, it was too late.
As Daddy grabbed,
Mommy stabbed,
and stabbed,
and stabbed,
and stabbed,
and stabbed.
I screamed, and screamed,
But Mommy didn’t stop.
Instantly, I lost Daddy,
When the police came,
I lost Mommy,

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyrighted in 2000.

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