Ancestral Soul Feast.

Heart towards reciprocity
seeking tools of ancestral souls
to stir up spirits of
Grandma’s Sunday after-church dinners―
& make her remembrance proud.

Where the dire need for the unification
of generations weaken imperial energies,
obstructs the tilted rotation of
this sphere we know as Earth―

Giving me halted time to invite
the elements of soul & wonders
of food to bring us home―
& together.

Table set; Silverware down― 
the screen door opens for…

New York-pinned Fried Chicken,
coming from M&G Diner;

New Orleans-kitchen sink Gumbo,
arriving from Harbor’s;

Chicago-broiled Collared Greens,
flyin’ in from Pearl’s Place;

Houston-grilled Ribs,
driving over from Harlon’s;

Detroit-baked Dressing, who picked up
Macaroni & Cheese from Franklin Street;

& Atlanta, Georgia Peach Cobbler,
who took the midnight train from Q-Time;

Camaraderie rekindles; Life defined―
At the head table I sit…

Giving me the lead to calm Gumbo’s
jokes, ask Macaroni to put away her
toys, then bring us home―
& together.

Grandma’s soul must be stirring as
her spirit entwines the elements of home
to foster a feast for souls through
this one wonder of the world―

Table set; Corn Bread warmed;
& Grace said―

Where opened eyes span across
the table for generations to connect
and see who inaugurates the meal,
this sphere we know as Earth
reenergizes and begins to turn;

Along our hearts follow
towards the reciprocity of
the ancestral souls, who created
& crafted this tool of
unification to always bring us home―
& together;

before dinner is served.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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