God Trendy.

God is no trend—
He’s no artistic statement
we tattoo into our skin;
No relic linked to party
chain jewelry around our necks;

Nor nested in song lyrics
written for the barn hay He
permits us to light & smoke

 (cough, cough)

God is no superstar—
He’s no theme choreographed
with dancers on Broadway to;

No receiver of props we
give before the producers
& video directors;

Nor characters we craft in
cinematic parodies 

 (next joke)

God is no secularist—
He is no vain we damn His
name with under excitement;
No name we scream & oh for
at midnight climactic peaks;

Nor the positive note we
end musical albums of
radio friendly pop hits

  (next song)

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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