Fishbowl With Words.

Planning a night out
with Words is always difficult

Consensus certainly beyond reach
with officious Predicates, introvert
Conjunctions, & the fickle Modifiers
who forever fail to remind me to bring
Cohesion when we finally
decide to head out

Regardless it’s 11 p.m. Verbs are whispering
in ears of Pronouns, Adjectives appear
irritated, & Exclamations
sit at the kitchen bar consuming shots
of Etymology all waiting on my collective

creative energy to assemble all parts of
an early adult culture & ideology to breath existence
into something tonight (for all of us to enjoy)

colossal task huh? but hey, here are my suggestions…

we got Taboo;
we got Spades;
we got DVDs;

Or we can always play Fishbowl?
(eyebrows heaveinterests alert)

Oblivious to FishbowlOnomatopoeia asks for the rules:

1. Anonymously write a topic or question
2. Crumble & toss to the center
3. Then we pick, dissect & discuss
    until the ink runs out…
Eyes hunt for harmonythen
Synonym & Allusion endorse
        (two of my closest confidants)
We congregate & the game starts
       giving Words the chance:

To ration without speaking;
To query without questioning;
To inquire without outraging;

Sitting back & mostly observing
       I’m really feeling this.
& Words who know itFeel it too

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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