Incredible Hulk.

a coalitional tequila & vodka
make the evilest nemesis / it was

a martini & daiquiri special Friday
but my need sought a hero

with the clout to take me there /
instead I found myself babbling

& stumbling in irrelevance / held
captive in arms of an Escalade backseat /

‘til I could kiss toilet seats / challenge
the call of cold showerings  / &

spill all over the room / cool I am
happier hours later with the clutches of

experimentation in full gear / putting
long island ice teas / rum &

coke / & hunch punchers / out
of season / opening introductory

statements of your superpowers  /
convincingly shared from the

tender of the bar /

forty bucks & thirty minutes in / I
hold your forth round in my hand /

becoming the universal expert / the
most generous tab on the ladies’

radar / & the cleverest shit talker / I
laugh at myself / it’s cool though—

cause I’m there / eased nerves / &
freedom to converse, snicker, & kiss at

you without shame.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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