After Loving A Liar.

i revisit my second thoughts─
reprising them
a third, fourth,
and fifth time.

my God
things make less sense now

than when they didn’t
make sense before.
you become
less of a liar
and more of a
full-service concierge of pain
than my broken heart
can bear to believe.

only when
i re-conceive
moments when
no second thoughts were made─
are your horns unconcealed
and the avalache
tears into my chest

extracts the religion
out of my soul

and hands me my body
as a sack of
abandoned skeletal bones.

my heart must reject
even the blood
it pumps to breathe

as i stumble in the streets
for air or sirens or God─
rescues me first.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2011

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