Libra Sunlight.

the universe is filled with stars―but you
    strangely align to my soul in ways that
even the comfort of nature and
    conversations of zodiac constellations
that introduced you― seem to no longer suffice.

for my existence unconsciously sorted
    through your intricacies and convolutions
to create an uncomfortable place for me to
    rest my head―and listen.

 in the most astrological sense―for you,
     i am a mere malefic planet rotating
on a 25 degree axis with my rings
barely reaching towards any elements of voyage.
    you find me as a collection plate of innocence
and challenge―awaiting the right tithe to secure
    my soul in the nirvana of your choice.

(I greet you with correctness) 

because even in my most benefic planetary
    moment―proclamations of naïveté and
introversion are unfound.

you are clearly tonight’s stimulus― seizing
    my undivided, unrestricted attention― in
the worst kind of terrestrial way,

which leaves my mind constellating
    your conversations & my curiosity of
the nature of your comfort hoping
    you align my soul―
in the strangest-become-familiar ways.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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