How I'd Marry My Plan B.

Our connection earned its envy

hours skirted around clocks
as if time was telling us
the world wouldn't be on our side

we were too much, too soon.

Yet, you'd say it was silence
I believed it was a deep love.

We never played
to be on the same team

But you'd pass, 
I'd throw & 
every playoff

You'd fly & I'd steer
& every plane
would land

You'd sing & I'd write,
as Ashford & Simpson
finally found their
new kindred the
family soul;

It felt too good, too soon.

Yet, you'd say we were
just cool like that

I believed we were in love.

Sometimes we find
what we want
before we can handle
what it all means;

I've thought about
what all of this means,
& what our past says
about our future.

They say I speak of you
with an incomparable passion
that they can't contend;

I tell them I only speak
from the past.

You'd say I'm
playing games again–
but I'd prove you wrong.

I'd apologize every
morning for the rest
of our lives,
if I could have you again.

I'd tell you
we could be so great

You'd tell me
we were just young—
and you've moved
past our era.

We'd never agree on a
plan to love again;
conceding to loving
our back-up plans;
while never fully
letting go.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2011

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