Post Inauguration (The Remix).

(one, two, three, bass)

there’s a poem in my head for you

a past-midnight while you dose off
& wonder why my movements
persist kind of poem

in this silent moment & the echo of
street cars    cargo trains
& airplanes hovering non-existent

with silence the addendum for the
aftermath of the inauguration 

leaving room for the words of the
poem in my head for you
to formulate & craft notes for
instruments of your heart to understand

the things you’ll need to know
to grasp & co-sign the moment you awake
read, then re-read, & call my office
to offer a response for what you
think my words say

it’s better you know this now, but I tend
to distance myself from writing poetry
about writing poetry

but thought that if I could capture the
emotional battle I’ve dealt with and
inscribe the power &enormity  of
love & passion within my sometimes
defensive & not-so expressive heart

& let my words serve as the instruments
to play the musical notes for you to
finally understand
then my writing just might be worth something.

see you tend to think the lives I’ve lived
have meant something― not realizing

that only now with you do I see why I’ve done
all I’ve done  & worked for all I’ve worked for
you aren’t feeling me― are you?

(drop the beat)

maybe I am a little ahead of myself―
but as a believer of chivalry
        I’ve learned the “whats” i must provide for… 
the “hows” I am to go about…
        even the “wheres” in my life I must
be to find what you’ve already proven you’ll give

only question I’ve had for those
who’ve stamped “eligible” across my pursuit
was for who?

& then you appeared…
without complexity,
without sagacity,
without gates,
without presentiment,

to claim not only my heart,
but my soul― before I even had
the chance to search for your ring

(bring the beat back)

i need you to know this & not
leave room for doubt     i need you
to follow me so I can love you the
way my heart desires

time after time   i’ve written each
line of the poem in my heart for you

until my own mind could understand
my feelings  before I tried to use
my own poetic words as an instrument to
add to the beautiful music our lives  make together

& after I engrave my past-12:45 a.m. while
you’re sleeping in my bed  (covered in my cologne
& shower gelled sheets)  & wonder why I’m
not there holding you kind of poem―
my heart can then rest with yours too

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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