That Rib Around My Neck.

God I'm lonely.
make me a wife—

reckon her my companion
mate our souls as a union;

and order her steps towards my heart.

God make her a catalyst
for my everlasting happiness

and let me breathe the air of love
as her spirit humidifies my empty life
like only a woman can…

God create a wife for
this lonely man.

for I haven't found the love of my life quite yet
and on a string of failed attempts hangs
that rib around my neck.

God let us create a love child—
i want to see our love's reflection in his eyes;
and watch him become a man before my eyes;
and order his steps towards Your word

God make him an adhesive
for keeping our family unbroken
as his youth inserts a joy
into our lives that only a lovechild can…

God mold a family
for this lonely man.

for I've found wealth and success
which are both linked on the string
holding that rib around my neck.

and it's getting heavy on this empty heart.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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