No Guarantee.

to want when you're not here
    to miss  when you're so near
  my dreams  that you fulfill―
     but your heart won't let you feel
the pain I feel         when I can't hold you now―

to leave  with such urgency
    to give  me no remedy
  to know   you may have someone else―
     deep inside are secrets kept
to spot other arms          that are holding you―

to pulse  when I hear your voice
    to wait as you make your choice  
  my fears  that you won't come through―
       when no matter what I do
no guarantee          you'd come back for me―

to give with nothing in return
   to avoid  a new wound to earn
  God my head is all screwed up―
      but yet, I won’t give up
forcing a love         that might not be returned―

to freeze  to num my pain
   to melt  my hopes for gain
  my love  has lost its core―
       as I stare at my heart's door
hoping you'd knock         to be let back in.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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