Greater Than Senses.

let’s fuse senses―

rub your hands on my shoulder―
       I need to feel your

feel my grains of skin―thin as wafers
bleeding from the vital need of affection;

put your tongue inside my souls―
       I need to taste your

kiss away chardonnay flavored coal fires
fueled by any hesitation impressions;

(I will take you there gladly)

embrace the fresh fragrances of emotion
       I need to scent your

heed the burning lust within us
arousing all tensions through intervention;

be attentive for moans of instability
       I need to hear your

listen for needs of on-edge muscles
to sooth with strokes of relaxation;

view spirits refining my desires
       I need to see your

rays of love outshining this moment
& resolving at the crest of culmination;

(silent as a breath)

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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