Faces of Shadows.

For you too― shall be

   I barely know their
names; These Faces of
   Shadows― full moon lighting in
   to windows; lighting faces

of women without
   reasons here to be.  How they
shape a light of our
   wedding rings― child-filled wombs from
   planted seeds; dreams of a soul

mate they think they see
   in me; though their thoughts are just
dreams and their Faces
   of Shadows only fill my
   sensual needs― as any

red-blooded human
   man; shuffling hormonal
needs and desires
   with spiritual fires, but
   unable to drop guards on

my insensitive
   ways― maybe that is why cold
bed halves; candles and
   incense in silent baths and
   emptiness now devour

my days― which lays me
   down in arms of you; (for you
too) shall be shadowed―

   I have hurt for love; danced for
   fools  where pleasures lived― longing

for more than loves were
   willing to give― (looking to
favorite mistakes;
   bittersweet ruins;  thorns of
   roses)― how I loved you; how

you easily hooked
  my sincerity to your
hearts; and cut the cords
  before our love could be born―
  aborting all my hopes and

dreams― with the morning
   after pills you fed me through
your conversations
   of regrets― right after you
   shadowed my face; so you would

not see the pain I
   would endure from the hurt you
would cause me to feel―
   for like warm-blooded women
   (who juggle sensual needs

and spiritual deeds)
   caught-up in your alluring,
yet devious ways.
   Confused on where to run and
   then writing me off as

evenings of fun― which
   brings my arms to you;  For you
too will juggle in
   fires unwilling to tame
   with shadows of women names;

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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