Life for Beginners.

There’s so much unspoken
I’ve carried for years— that
speaks through
the path I love—  the path I transform;

even the disconnected mercurial energies
existing between myself and
those I’ve let within

(though faith never showed me this)
There are tears unshed
I’ve held for years that
rain rivers through
the path I judge— the path I express;

even the barricades erected
between the experiences of my life
and those I create them with

(though no one ever said a thing)
There’s a level of growth that halted until
now which plant seeds of disbelief
beneath your mysterious branches, about
the path I hermit— the path I perish;

even the jupiterian energies
of judgmental analyses towards the boy I was—
looking at the man
I’ve learned I can not grow to be

(though this enlightenment is all new to me )

All this said— so my child-like immanence
can relive youth; follow the pillar of mercy;
and outgrow;
Yet— I have this anxious feeling of watching
school-aged seeds play for the first time
discovering tarots— discovering love;
The right way.  Mind at Recess;
Looking at them swing
Looking at them
reach for mysticism; Then
swinging on spheres transcendently
I become part of them too;

unsure if swinging with me is something
you’ll want to do—

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2004

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