Prelude to Heaven.

death has already
been promised—

sealed in our
tucked into our
future plans;

same of pain;
same of sadness;
and navigating with
no sensing direction;

same of loneliness;
same of emptiness;
and suffocating with
no winching reaction;

but in the same gospel,
peace has already
been assured—

same of love;
same of joy;
and laughing aloud with
no elating sources;

same of worship;
same of praise;
and surrendering to
God's wearing courses;

But one day
the sun will perfectly

position itself
for the hours

to step over themselves
with extra care;

and the children
will be safe;

the strangers
will all speak;

and each
special person
in our lives

will reach to
us in a harmonized

rhythm of rainbows
to cap Love across the sky.

you'll wander
in a teary bliss;

with no place to go

and enjoy your
prelude to heaven.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2011

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